MACERATED: Written by Ben Hogg

To be Macerated is “to cause to become soft or separated into constituent elements by or as if by steeping in fluid”. Not a pleasant image when associated with the human body and not a pleasant band if you come face to face with their brand of grind. When the weed gods conspired to align these 3 fresh faced heshers, they doomed Hampton Roads to some of the most caustic music to grace the local populace ever. In addition to that worthy endeavor, Matt Dorsey (Mattcerated???) has taken to booking some of the most vicious bills to burn the area to the ground over the last couple of years. So I caught up with the single most guttural set of pipes to have been imported into the Black Box service area and we went over all this shit.

Ben: Hey man, how’s tricks? I’m sure you told me before but for my benefit and the benefit of others, why the name “Macerated”?

Matt: It came from an episode of Dirty Jobs on Discovery. Mike Rowe was at a facility that cleans carcass’s and skeletons for display. One of the methods they use is Maceration, by which they submerge the carcass in water to free the meat and shit from the bones.

Ben: To what do we the pleasure of the dulcet tones of the band? Who do you guys look to for influence? I know you did a Whore cover live sometimes.

Matt: Al and Andres write all the music, guitar-wise Andres big influences would be, Disavowed, Deeds of Flesh, Origin and tons more. Al’s main drum influences are Tony Loreno, from Angel Corpse, Kevin Talley, Tim Yeung and Dave Culross from Malevolent Creation.
They do keep in mind my influences and interests as well. There really hasn’t been anything that they’ve wrote over the years that I haven’t been into. My main vocal influence range from, Joe from Circle of Dead Children, Rob Fornicator, GG Allin and Seth from Anal Cunt.
The Whore cover was a birthday present for me from the guys because they are one of my fav bands. They dig em too, I remember the first time I hung with Al and his friends in Yorktown I made them listen to the first Whore album in its entirety on a road cruise.

Ben: Lyrically you are clever and offensive as fuck. Where do you harvest fodder for you ideas? Describe some of your favorite songs.

Matt: You being a Stern fan(down for life. Baba Booey!-Ben) know how much good porndeathgore metal, lyrical material can be salvaged from any show any day. One of our old tracks “Glory Hole” was loosely based on Sibohns’ fucked up genitalia and sexual reassignment surgery. I embellished and made it a bit nastier. Baba Booey had a kidney stone issue a few years back, they got into a conversation about his passin the stone and all kind of crazy shit was said, that’s where ” Vaginal Quarry ” came from. Its about passing kidney stones into somebody’s vagina. I work at a print shop with headphones on all day. I listen to Stern all morning, then after lunch is when I listen to tunes and write lyrics for the most part.
Not all my song ideas come from the stern show. I somehow always end up writing a song about killing a co-worker in any band I’ve been in. I am definitely more into humor and grossing people out, with the occasional whore killing or Co-joined twins born with ones dick in the others ass.

Ben: You brought your ass from out of state a few years back, how did you get hooked up with Al (drums) and Andres (guitar)? Also, I know you were up to no good in Pittsburgh, who were you jamming/slamming with up there?

Matt: Al an Andres basically worked on their chops in Yorktown, jamming out with friends in a few less serious projects. Nothing that ever recorded or played shows.

In order of the most recent to the first. I started a 2 man digi grind band with Chaz Cambell( guitarist of Strong Intention) called Suicide watch back in 2004 maybe. Mainly to shop for musicians, which is where I met Al.
Before that was a year or two stint in Lethal Prayer, a Pittsburgh Black/Death band that’s been around forever and had a ton of different members.
My first real project was Pummelhog which started in Ohio and moved with us to Pittsburgh. We did insanely offensive, abrasive punk, grind, metal thing.

Ben: Tell all the fine folks about your style of music. It may help the uninitiated gain some clarity.

Matt: When I have had to write our style on flyers and such, it usually ends up being “grinding death”. Definitely a mixture of the 2, leaning a little more on the grind side.

Ben: Your lineup is unusual in the way that there is no bass player. There used to be, but when he dipped you didn’t replace him. Why that is?

Matt: Once Teiji left to move up to RVA, Al & Andres tried out a few people. Simone from Ancient Torture Techniques was the only one who we really dug. I think some people may be intimidated by the speed and all of Andres’ crazy shit he does. We aren’t opposed to anyone coming and tryin out, we’d love a bass or 2nd guitar. We are all weird dudes and prob just creep everyone out who ventures down to our spot and tries out.

Ben: You left Pennsylvania and came to VA a few years back, how come? Also, you’ve gotten pretty active in the scene, talk about that.

Matt: I moved to Virginia in 2004, Al and Andres grew up in Yorktown. I moved here with my old lady and our friends Chaz( strong intention) and Stacy, also from Pittsburgh. That first year was pretty sketchy, we were trying to put musicians together to do the Suicide Watch thing, which never really panned out. Coming from Pittsburgh, which has a thriving scene, Hampton, VA was a hard pill to swallow. Chaz got fed up and with an offer to move back to Maryland to join up with Strong Intention, went back to Hagerstown with his lady. Shortly after he left, it was either move to the beach or head back to the burgh. Once at the beach, I met Al through our Suicide Watch page, introduced me to Andres and we eventually started Macerated.
The first couple years we were a band I booked any and every show I could for us. Some better than others. All in an attempt to contribute to bringing metal to the beach. We’ve been doing this for a minute now and have seen the crowds and scene only get stronger every year.
2011 is already looking to be an even better year for our local scene, what with Tony’s Metal Mondays @ The Boxx and the new announcement of Hellbound, (metal & the such, Thurs- Sat) @ Cozumels. Shows are booked already and we are really stoked for this summer.

Ben: Tell me more about what you got coming up in the live arena. What are some of the favorite things you have booked or played?

Matt: Well since he just died, Anal Blast at Gils, was one for sure. One of our first shows ever was with Anal Cunt down at Phil’s Grill. For me being such a huge fan of both of those bands, those 2 were stand outs for me. We played with Mortal Decay in Atlantic City, that was a crazy night. Our first trip up north all together was pretty damn sweet. Copremesis in Brooklyn N.Y.C, and Composted and Embryonic Cryptopathia in Boston.
Right now If I had to book a metal show at the beach it would either be The Boxx on the block or the. The new Cozumels thing (below). and I think the D.I.Y. spot Concrete re-located now and will be down to do shows. Strange Matter in RVA is sweet. I dig smaller venues, I would much rather see some brutal shit in a smaller place. Many of my favorite venues shut down.

Right now we have two shows coming up. May 24th at Strange Matter in Richmond with Defeated Sanity, Sexcrement and Short Bus Pile up. Richmond with Defeated Sanity, Sexcrement and Short Bus Pile up.

On June 16th I am bringing our buddies Dysentery and Short Bus down , Us an WM are playing too. That one is at Cozumels down on General Booth.

Ben: What does the future hold in store for you and the fellas? What is gonna happen and what do you hope happens?

Matt: A year is a bout all the further in the future we dare predict. Our first legit release on a label was sent to the presses like a month ago. I am really hoping to have those in my possession very, very soon. A 7inch 4 way split on Obscenity Cult Records.
Planning on getting back down to Sniper Studios this summer to record all this new material we have. This time getting it in the right peoples hands and actually gettin ourselves on a kick ass underground label. We’ve drug our feet with the first Sniper recording we did, just cause we are way more into the new stuff and feel it better represents what we are trying to do.
Also getting the hell out of town to do more shows. Less Va Beach shows more outta towners. We are heading to Richmond next month to play with Defeated Sanity (ger) before they hit MDF. Tentative plans are in the works for a short 4 day excursion in July.
Basically make some more noise then.

Ben: What about some final words, do you got some?

Definitely want to give a huge shout to our brothers Waiting Mortuary who we’ve known since we came to Va Beach pretty much. They’ve been our good friends on and off the stage since we started playing shows down here. Tony Conners has been there since the beginning as well, he’s our good bud too and his band Ancient Torture Techniques rules. All of our families for all the help and support, especially Al’s bro in law Oystein who has helped us out with a ride to a gig more than a few times. Veronica for putting up with my dumb ass. We really appreciate all of Cari Bell’s support over the years and her hooking us up with this spot in the Zine. All the freaks who have continued to support us over the years. Thank you too Ben for always being a fan, friend and a killer dude, I hated seeing ya go….